Saturday, November 15, 2008

My kitchen with Freezer

What is center of the house? Everybody could have their own opinion, but for me the answer is very clear: kitchen. Since I am a baby, oh no, was a kid, my parents, older brothers always sit to have breakfast and start beautiful day at the same table in our lovely kitchen.

Yeah, that was my memory. Now, I have my little family. I, my wife, and newborn baby. But old beautiful thing always remain. And you know what, I want it to be shared to all family. So, I started searching kitchen appliances. Quite easy, I found them all in one pack. There were so many choices, but I knew what I want. Freezers! I am not joking, since a little boy I dream to have ice box or something like that which is able to store my ice cream, and so on. Something that I never had. I know it for food storage, but it is my secondary consideration. Ice maker, you might say it other features, for me its the most important thing. And my choice goes to Frigidaire AFFC1466D Freezer. Yes, a bit more expensive but still okay compare to benefits. Which one is your?