Monday, February 02, 2009

Last minute hotel prices in South East Asian Countries

Booking late will bring you some benefits last minute hotel prices, especially in South East Asian Countries. Why? I can give you some reasons. First, nowadays exchange rates falling in the favor of those with dollars, meaning prices going down in South East Asian hotels. Second, for businessman or those taking holidays at short notice these hotels will give you good deals since they have to fill up rooms on the recession time. Third, it's really the perfect time to get into the great cuisine, popular sights, shopping and enjoy Uniquely Singapore, Amazing Bangkok, and the truly Asia.

Singapore delivers the cultures of China, India and Muslim all in one place. As you can see by their official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Cheap Singapore Hotels will show you one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia. No worries about transportation, they have one of the world's best airports, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train line, and surely there is no traffic jam. Cuisines such as rendang, char kway teow, spicy sambal stingray, fish head curry will soon become your favorites. Sitting for a while enjoy Tiger beer before you dancing until dawn in the city's clubs.

Bangkok is Amazing. Yes, where else in the world you can see contradictions Oriental's most cosmopolitan city and cultural heritage exists. The city of angels, doing many efforts to maintain historical sites as well as improve their transportation system as a global city. Well known with the great foods, Cheap Bangkok Hotels will welcome you with numerous Festivals and Events, such as Bangkok Songkran Festival, Royal Ploughing Ceremony, etc.

Kuala Lumpur as the capital and the largest city of Malaysia, is a tropical paradise in the heart of Southeast Asia. Eating out in the city is a real gastronomic adventure. There is such a great variety-spicy Malay food, a seemingly endless variety of Chinese food, and exotic cuisine from North and South India. Its popular dishes include satay, nasi lemak, rendang, martabak, and laksa. But Kuala Lumpur is not all about eating. Others fun activities include shopping, pasar malam (the local night street market) and major festivals during your stay with Cheap Kuala Lumpur Hotels. Booking late but don't too late:)